Frequently Asked Questions


We will make your ring to the size requested. We can exchange the ring for a different size if it does not fit correctly after receiving it. It you need sizing done on a ring that you have owned for more than 30 days; we can size for a fee.

Exchange/Return Policy

We offer a 15-day exchange or return on unworn, unaltered, and in sellable condition. Returns will require a receipt and shipping is responsibility of the customer. Custom orders and sizes cannot ne returned or exchanged. 


Should you need a repair, simply contact us and we can send you a repair request form. Once we receive the jewelry, we will contact you with a recommendation and quote in any cost are involved. We will consider the condition and how long you have owned the piece. We are all about repeat business. 

Lab Grown vs. Natural Diamonds

Natural Diamonds are pure crystallized carbon. Diamonds are created deep in the earth under extreme pressure and heat and could be billions of years old. Usually, natural diamonds have many imperfections from partials being present when forming. Lab created diamonds are grown in a laboratory and have the same composition of a natural diamond making it virtually impossible to tell the difference. In fact, it takes very specialized equipment to tell the difference.

YES, lab created diamonds are real diamonds and because the environment is a controlled lab.

How are they Made – Two primary methods of producing lab diamonds: High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT). With 1300 to 1600 degrees and 870,000 LBS of force a machine can mimic conditions deep in the earth. The 2nd way is Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVC). You place a seed diamond is a small vacuum chamber filled with heated hydrogen and carbon gases. When the correct temperature is reached, the gas molecules are broken down which create layers of crystallized carbon around the seed diamond.

Joseph Karcher jewelry company will use both lab and natural diamonds that are strictly ethically sourced.