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Designs That Will Draw You Closer

The Story

Dates back to the 80's

Joseph Karcher has a love for jewelry that dates back to the 80's when he worked for a jewelry manufacture in Farmington Hills, MI. Learning to design , cast, and finish jewelry while attending high school. It became part of his DNA and he carried that passion to MSU where he sold door to door and also displayed his jewelry in the MSU Union. He would accidently find an art show taking place outside the MSU Union in spring of 1988. Making ring displays from shoe box covers he displayed his jewelry on a couple old tables. Sales were much better than expected and he almost ran out of inventory. That would lead to attending art shows for decades. Meeting the love of his life soon after graduating from MSU brought on a new set of responsibilities such as a new mortgage and a baby. To meet the responsibilities in front of him, he joined corporate América for the next 33 years. Jewelry always remained a passion with the goal of scaling. In 2024, the Affinity collection was created. This design portrayed motion, force, and emotion by just looking at the style. From there, we will see more collections such as Structure, Twisted Leaf, with more to come.

Quality and Style

Jewelry for a lifetime

The design and craftsmanship is top of mind when creating pieces. Using beautiful gems and diamonds that go thru a vigorous screening. We feel we hit the mark with unique styles that speak for themselves.

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